Brand and Sponsor Wall

Brand and Sponsor Wall

Brand and Sponsor Wall

Brand and sponsor wall Just Displays large format print London

Just Displays are specialist suppliers of brand and sponsor wall in London, providing large format print, textile printing, and exhibition stands.

With so many events these days being photographed, the need for corporate event branding is on the rise. It is essential you have your branding, along with that of your sponsors, displayed effectively for your guests to pose in front of for pictures. A brand and sponsor wall are the most effective way to accomplish this.

Your Brand and Sponsor Wall will:

  • Ensure your branding is in the background of every image
  • Encourage people to take photos and post to social media
  • Be reusable, with hardwearing graphics
  • Be portable and lightweight
  • Give your sponsors the shout-out they deserve
  • Can be easily assembled by you
  • Don’t need the wall forever? Simply hire!

There are several options you can chose when deciding on the perfect brand and sponsor wall for your event:

Twist System

We print your graphics onto a portable wall, which is in fact a super wide and lightweight Twist system that is easy to assemble yourself – or Just Displays can provide an installation and breakdown service if required. Twist system graphics can be up to 2.2m high by any length. Read more about Twist Systems here.

Quantum Wide

The fastest and easiest brand and sponsor wall to install is the Quantum Wide Roller Banner Stand, This is a cost-effective option that holds a non-reflective textile graphic, perfect for flash photography. Believe us when we say that anyone can put up a Quantum Wide in minimal time! Graphics can be printed 2.2m high by up to 2.4m wide. Read more about Quantum Wide here.

T3 System

If you need something large-scale, a T3 system is ideal. While a T3 can be built to almost any height and length, assembly is a little more complex and requires installation and breakdown by the skilled Just Displays team. It is the perfect solution if you require a longer or higher backdrop, plus it holds a non-reflecting textile graphic that won’t reflect flash photography. Read more about T3 Systems here.

If you’re stuck for corporate event branding ideas, a brand and sponsor wall is definitely the first step you should take towards creating an on-brand event.

Maximise the publicity of your company’s event with a branded wall that will entice people to take pictures in front of it and post to social media. Encouraging people to take pictures and post to social media is a great way to get your company’s name out there and increase awareness of your brand and the brilliant event you just held!

Contact any of our expert team now on 020 8805 1333 or to discuss how brand and sponsor walls can help your business.

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