Clear Ink

Clear high-gloss varnish for digital print

High-Gloss Varnish, Spot or Flood Coat – Just Like Litho or Screen Print!

Our state-of-the-art Fuji Acuity printer has some great tricks up its sleeve – one of which is that it can print fantastic high-gloss varnish to spot areas or as a flood coat. It’s just as glossy as a litho or screenprint UV varnish, and will really bring your graphics to life!
It’s long been a complaint of digital print customers that they couldn’t get spot varnish – or at least not with any accuracy, as it could only be done offline on a screenprint rig, with no chance of holding any close register. And the cost was always prohibitive.

But Fuji’s latest Uviprint technology changes all that – registration is spot-on perfect every time! And because the Acuity is a flat-bed printer, here at Just Displays we can print colour, white and varnish on any substrate you like, up to 12mm thick, including:

  • Clear and coloured acrylic
  • Glass
  • Frosted and clear vinyl
  • Coloured laminates
  • MDF and other timber materials
  • Coloured boards, including eco-friendly materials

We can vary the droplet size and intensity of all colours, whites and varnish, to change the strength of images, backgrounds and varnishes. And if you combine all these techniques on transparent materials such as glass or vinyl, you can create some truly awesome effects, which we thought would never be possible with large-format digital print!

It’s a bit difficult to take good photographs of clear varnish, but these pictures show some of the beautiful work we’ve produced already. This is something you really need to see a sample of – we can send you a pack, or you are always welcome to come in and see all our printers in action. Just contact any member of our team on 020 8805 1333 or and we’ll be very happy to send you a sample pack or arrange a demo.

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