Covid-19 solutions

Covid-19 Solutions for your Business

Signs to help with social distancing and awareness

To keep your workplace safe, you need physical separation of customers, workers, colleagues and the public.

Keeping everyone two metres apart won’t be easy. Clear physical separation signage will help you to achieve it. Just Displays have a range of barriers, partitions and signage which are cost-effective and fast to implement, including:

Floor, corridor and stair graphics

It’s essential to have graphics in heavy use areas, including corridors and stairs. Floor graphics are ideal, because they can be placed to indicate the distance customers shoould keep apart. Experience has shown that this is very effective in maintaining social distancing. You can also add graphics to other pinch points, including stairs, escalators and doorways, to remind your customers and workers of the distancing requirements. All our floor graphics are made of very hardwearing material, which will stay looking good for many months.
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Screens & Barriers

Just Displays make a range of physical separation products which are ideal for maintaining social distancing, and protecting against coughs and sneezes. These include Ecosleeve and Ecosleeve Connect – our fabric-based display partition walls, which can be joined together to make very long free-standing walls, with corners as well. Individual Ecosleeve units can be up to 3m long, as shown above.

We have a new range of lightweight, linkable barriers available, which are ideal for ‘route control’ or desktop use – find out more here (opens in a new tab).

We also supply separation barriers, which can carry graphics as shown above, or retractable belts.
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Portable Signage

You may well need portable signage in the coming months, whether that is external pavement boards, or internal portable banners. We supply both Ecosleeve and traditional banner-stands, which are ideal for getting your message across exactly where it is needed. Ecosleeve can be printed on both sides, and the graphics can be easily replaced, which makes it a great investment for longer-term use.

Read more about our portable outdoor signs here (opens in a new tab).
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Permanent Signage

We supply a range of permanent and semi-permanent signage items, such as information clipframes, outdoor banners and window graphics. These are ideal for long-term use, and are all made from very robust materials, and printed with dye-sublimation inks for exceptional colour and graphic longevity.
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Hygiene Control Products

For retailers and other public-facing businesses, excellent hygiene is going to be essential over the next few months. So we are stocking a fantastic free-standing sanitizer dispenser, along with sanitizer itself. Read more about the SteriMax dispenser here (opens in a new tab).
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