Environmental Policy

Just Displays Ltd

Our Environmental Policy Statement

Just Displays Ltd are ISO14001 accredited and have been since 2009. We are committed to conduct our business with respect and care for the environment. The Directors of the organisation regard the promotion of the environmental measures as a mutual objective for management and employees at all levels and those working for or on behalf of the organisation. We are committed to providing the resources necessary to fully implement this Environmental Policy which is designed to satisfy the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard and operate environmental best practice. We will carry out our activities with consideration for the environment, as part of the process to prevent pollution and minimise waste.

In order to meet the above requirements, we will:

Products – Recycling and Reusability

Just Displays take care to select suppliers that have an active environmental policy and comply with environmental legislation and regulations. We work with our sub-contractors and suppliers to promote environmental awareness.

Many of our products have an easy to change graphic system, which allows the signage to be changed or reconfigured, so that the information remains current with minimal waste. Our display systems are designed to be reused many times. They are modular and re-configurable, so that they can be adapted and built on to accommodate different display needs.

Just Displays promote the use of more eco-friendly products such as textile graphics where possible. We offer the option to hire a modular aluminum system for displaying a textile graphic. The aluminum frame can be used many times and also saves our customers the cost of purchasing the whole stand. Both the frame and the textile graphic are easier to transport and are recyclable.

Lost or broken components can be readily replaced, reducing the need to purchase a new display, which greatly reduces waste and cost to our customers. Many of our suppliers operate a recycling program for all paper, cardboard, wood and aluminium, so that the unavoidable waste from administration and production are recycled.

Where possible, all ink and toner cartridges for printing equipment at Just Displays are returned for refilling, re-use and recycling. Just Displays seeks to use inks that limit the damage to the environment.

We use ecologically friendly bubble wrap, cardboard and hardboard as packaging material whenever possible. Our cardboard packaging tubes are made from 100% fibreboard and are fully recyclable.

Office and Accounts

At Just Displays, we have reduced the amount of paper promotional material we send to our customers, by offering a downloadable PDF brochure directly from our website. Our quotes, invoices and statements are sent electronically to save on paper. We use recycled paper for all our office printing and use recycled stationery products where possible.


Our marketing strategy has moved away from paper-based communication and promotional campaigns. We send out a monthly e-newsletter to our customers and communicate via email where possible. Just Displays have also produced YouTube videos to demonstrate and promote our products, rather than sending out written instructions.

Energy Use

Just Displays strives to minimise the use of energy resulting from its activities, through making energy efficiency a key consideration when purchasing and maintaining lighting, heating and printing equipment. Checks are made to heating controls and timer switches are in place, so that the office area is only heated when manned.

We reduce our requirements for transport by combining deliveries where possible and most orders are delivered by couriers who carry full loads and use electronic vehicles. Our company vehicles are maintained with due regard to environmental issues as far as is reasonably practical and wherever possible, car sharing is undertaken and public transport is used when appropriate.

Promoting Staff Awareness

We raise staff awareness of environmental good practice through a structured induction process, guidelines, signage on the premises and monthly updates. We ensure that all incidents and non-compliance situations are reported, recorded and ensure that corrective and preventive actions are implemented. Staff are also trained in the handling and disposal of hazardous or non-degradable chemicals and take precautions to minimise the impact of spillage.

Just Displays protect the health and well-being of all staff and visitors to our premises through implementing good practice in health and safety. We operate our business in a responsible manner with due regard to the business premises, immediate environment, particularly at unsociable hours and in relation to noise, odour, materials, lighting, litter, uncollected waste or deliveries and collections.

Just Displays is committed to improving their environmental performance and review this policy annually. Directors are responsible for setting this Environmental Policy and carry out a review of our objectives to promote the continual improvement of the Environmental Management System.

Graham Green

Managing Director