Keeping church paintings ‘visible’ during restoration work

Case Study:
Keeping church paintings ‘visible’ during restoration work

Client: St Andrews Church, Barnsbury
Requirement: St Andrew’s Church needed a solution to minimise disruption, and enable the church to function normally, during the restoration of some beautiful paintings that had been discovered inside the alcoves on either side of the central stained glass window.
Venue: Barnsbury – North London

The Brief:
To provide a solution to sympathetically replicate the newly exposed artwork, without affecting the building

The Solution:
Just Displays proposed that, as a short-term solution, a temporary copy of the artworks should be mounted over the top of them, so that they could still be enjoyed while the church decided on the best way to restore them. As the church is a listed building, and drilling or altering the building in any way is not possible, we had to find the best way to implement this, in a completely self-supporting way.

After an extensive site survey we decided to produce a rigid aluminium frame that could be wedged inside the alcoves with coloured Foamex spacers to match the image. We decided to print onto Textile, as it would lend itself as it would lend itself to the nature of the image.

Customer comments and feedback:
“I just wanted to convey our gratitude for the printing and installation of the two Ten Commandment displays that you carried out last week. The feedback we received from the congregation this Sunday was amazing. We will certainly be recommending you to any other churches with a listed status that need new displays!”

Textile graphic blending with stone wall by Just Displays London