Permanent Interior Wall Graphics

Permanent Interior Wall Graphics

Self Adhesive Vinyl

Sometimes you need graphics that you know will stay put for a long time, and you need to be sure they still look good after extended use. We have a range of permanent interior wall graphics products, which can be used on walls and floors, which will stand the test of time. These include printed vinyl, cut vinyl and frosted vinyl. We can print vinyl and textiles up to a massive 2.6m wide, and as long as you like – more than enough for most retail or exhibition rooms.

You can use permanent graphics as wall and window coverings for shops, offices, leisure centres, museums and other public buildings. We have vinyls and other materials for indoor and outdoor use, and some which will stick to very rough surfaces, such as brick or concrete.

For example – every glass screen or door in an office now has to include some safety graphics, so users know it’s there. Why not take the opportunity to put your own branding or marketing messages on the glass, which will last for many years?

Graphics for High Traffic Areas

Our range of self-adhesive wall and floor coverings are especially suitable for use in high traffic areas, such as corridors or shopping aisles. These graphics will usually be made up as a ‘sandwich’ of materials – self-adhesive base film, scuff resistant over-laminate, and sometimes an extra adhesive layer. These laminated materials offer unrivalled protection against abrasion, water damage and fading. This makes it ideal for floors, but also for any walls where it is likely to be in contact with people.

You can use permanent interior wall graphics in retail outlets, visitor centres, schools, museums and hospitals – indeed anywhere where there are a lot of people moving around, and where your graphics need to stand the test of time.

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