Removable Interior Wall Graphics

Removable Interior Wall Graphics

Removable interior wall graphics are ideal for creating attention-grabbing displays, or massively improving your office or showroom ambience – while being easily removable, and leaving no traces behind. This makes them especially suitable for temporary branding or exhibits, screens for building or shopfitting work, pop-up shops, or anywhere else where you need a temporary display.

For example, even the fastest shopfitters will take a couple of weeks to complete a major internal refit. So rather than just put up blank hoardings, you could make the refit work to your advantage even while the floor space is out of commission – by putting up giant branding and marketing messages while the work is going on.

We can provide removable interior wall graphics in various formats, click for more details:

  • Textile – eco-friendly, ideal for re-usable screens
  • Phototex – sticks to walls, but leaves no marks or residue
  • Cut Vinyl – ideal for high-impact signs and messages

Textile Graphics 

The quality of large format textile prints has now reached a level where they are the substrate of choice in most of our large retail chains. They have discovered how easy they are to transport and install and at the same time being exceptionally eco-friendly.

We would have no hesitation in recommending this for use as a wall covering / branding medium for our corporate clients.

We would be very happy to show you samples of this amazing product.


Phototex is a new cutting edge material that has been designed to be removed from a wall without causing any damage to the surface underneath.

This material can be used to either cover the entire wall or used to just enhance a smaller section.

As Phototex does not damage the surface it is being applied to, it is especially useful for short term use in hired spaces such as hotels and other conference type facilities where it can be removed at the end of the event.

We have very successfully used Phototex to provide temporary branding and marketing information on the walls of the vacant floors in new build and refurbished office developments.

It could also equally be used as a substitute for traditional wallpaper and self-adhesive wall coverings where there is a requirement to remove any wall covering without damaging the wall at the end of a tenure.

Please call for your free sample – I guarantee you will be amazed!

Cut Vinyl

We have been producing cut vinyl graphics for over 30 years now. It’s a tried and tested technique which uses self-adhesive coloured and frosted vinyl from a huge range of colours and finishes to produce simple and long lasting copy, window decoration and graphic displays.

It’s simple, cost effective, very effective and seen everywhere.

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