White Ink

White ink for self cling vinyl

New true-white ink finally lets you do what you want with window graphics and more!

white ink on self cling vinyl Just Displays London

If you have bought any large-format graphics for window displays in the last few years, you’ll know that white ink has been available for a while, and that it could be used to provide a backing to colours on self-cling vinyl, or even be used for graphics on its own.

However, the results were usually unsatisfactory, with the white ink coverage being too thin and transparent to work well, often requiring a double-hit of ink to look just about acceptable. Many buyers have continued using screenprint for window graphics, rather than digital, just because it was the only way to get decent whites.

But now at last, we’re delighted to say that thin digital whites are gone for good! You can now achieve stunning, fully opaque whites on our new Fuji printer, which will print directly on to all kinds of vinyl and sheet materials, including:

  • Clear and coloured acrylic
  • Glass
  • Frosted and clear vinyl
  • Coloured laminates
  • MDF and other timber materials
  • Coloured boards, including eco-friendly materials

The white ink is so strong, that it makes it really practical to have white-only graphics in windows – and it also really punches colours out if you use it as a backing layer. You can now achieve screenprint colour quality, but at much lower cost – especially for small quantities or one-off installations.

These pictures show some of the amazing effects you can achieve, but they don’t do justice to the strength and opacity of the new true-white ink. We recommend you see an actual sample – contact any member of our team on 020 8805 1333 or team@justdisplays.co.uk and we’ll be very happy to send you a sample pack or arrange a demo.

white ink with colour on self cling vinyl Just Displays Londonwhite ink opaque on glass Just Displays Londonwhite ink on glass semi opaque  Just Displays Londonwhite ink on glass frosted effect  Just Displays Londonwhite ink on glass Just Displays Londonwhite ink on black acrylic Just Displays Londonwhite ink on frosted vinyl Just Displays Londonwhite ink on timber wood Just Displays Londonwhite ink with colour on glass Just Displays London

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