Illusion Windows

Illusion Windows

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Illusion Windows are a fantastic new idea to brighten up any workspace! They bring superb views to your basement space, and gardens to your meeting rooms! In fact they are great for any internal space where real windows are not an option. That could be offices, shops, warehouses or factories.

Our customers tell us that their staff love their graphic windows. They brighten up their working days and make them feel better. That’s a real bonus for staff who have to be indoors for long periods. This doesn’t just affect shop and manual workers, but top level executives as well. They may often be spending long periods in internal offices or meeting rooms. So why not go ahead, make all your staff feel better. Add some beautiful scenes of the great outdoors for them to look at!

These graphic windows are lightweight, cool to the touch, very thin and very durable. You can even change the graphics to match the seasons, or whenever you want a change of scene!

LED Powered

Because they are powered with LED lights, they are very energy efficient. So they won’t break the bank with their running costs, and their carbon footprint is very low. Feedback to us is that the small cost of the windows is easily outweighed by improvements in productivity from happier staff. And you may be able to get more usable space out of your current building. If that means you don’t have to move office as soon as you otherwise might, then that’s potentially a huge saving for you.

We can make Illusion Windows in any size you want, up to 2.5m wide in one piece. We can also go wider by joining multiple pieces of fabric. So whole-wall windows, or floor-to-ceiling windows are no problem!

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